Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY coffee filter wreath

I have been wanting to make one of these coffee filter wreaths for a while . They look so romantic and you  can use them all year, just switch out the seasonal details (I attached a mistletoe on mine for Christmas/Winter). It was so easy: just get a cheap wreath, a pack of white coffee filters and a glue gun and get started. I used this method.  Here is the result. I'm in love :)

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Christmas ornaments part two

Soooo ... 6 days until Christmas Eve and the tree is coming along quite nicely. I wrote about our little ornament challenge here and we have been making lots of different ornaments sine then. We still need to get some lights but even without them I like the look already ... fits right in with our living room style :)

DIY chalk antler ornament:

I used a little wooden plaque that I had leftover from a different project and painted it with the home made chalk paint I had leftover from the chalk initial ornaments. Just hot-glued a twine string to the back and ... tada ... all done!

Spray painted lace ornament (I used a crocheted doily I had laying around):

Fabric covered ornament (I got the idea from this cool pin):

Book page ornament (I copy cat'ed this pin):

And last but not least these two pretties. The little peacock feather was a donation from my six year old :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merry Christmas , my deer!

I adore deer. They are such a cute addition to any Christmas type decor. I found this little guy at a local dollar (well. Euro- :)) store and simply put him in a pretty glass jar I still had sitting around, added some leftover moss and pine cones (from my advent candle project) and sprinkled some of this pretty Martha Stewart glitter on top:

Then I tied a string of twine to the top with a tag saying "Merry Christmas my deer!"
That's all ... easy peasy :)  

Monday, December 10, 2012

DIY Christmas ornaments part one

I decided to make most of the ornaments for our Christmas tree myself this year. The main reason for that is  that I just can't find the boxes with our Christmas decorations in that chaos called basement - so it was time to get creative :)
There are tons of awesome inspirational tutorials on Pinterest!
Here is what I came up with so far:

*The boys helped me make the reindeer thumbprint ornament :)*
Here is my inspiration from Pinterest)

Book page deer silhouette ornament:

Chalk initial ornament (made one for each family member):

Old Polaroid (yes, it's my guys with Santa on a Hawaiian beach :))

Book page squirrel garland:

Now back to crafting ... there is more to come!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

DIY burlap Christmas wreath

I have to admit I still have my Fall wreath hanging on the front door - and it's almost the 2nd Advent ...
So today I decided to make a Winter/Christmas wreath. Since I did not feel like driving around in the snow to buy my supplies, I only used materials I had already on hand. I found this great tutorial on how to make a burlap wreath using an old wire clothes hanger. Since I still had half a coffee sack leftover from the pin board I made here, I thought it was the perfect project for me.
I added some decorative pine cones and a few tags I typed with my vintage typewriter (how useful a piece of home decor can be) and ... voila! All done!

         "May all who enter as guests leave as friends!"

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent , Advent ....

Happy first of Advent everybody!
Here in Germany, we usually celebrate the 4 Sundays before Christmas by lighting a candle on the traditional "Adventskranz" (Advent wreath).
This year, I decided to throw together a more minimalistic version by using things I already had laying around the house. I filled some small flower pots with soil, stuck in a candle and decorated it with moss and pine cones. I still had the chalk labels from a past project and simply drew some numbers on. Voila- all done :)

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pinspired: Wide leg jeans and B&W blouse

I love wide leg jeans and always have. I know, I know ... the "trend" are skinnies right now but I will always have a thing for the wide ones :) 
I found this fabulous Pin a while ago and decided to copy cat the look:

Here are the pieces I found on Zalando:

Jeans "Esprit":

 Blouse "Street One":

Cardigan "Benetton":

Belt "Cowboysbelt":

And here is my version:


Thursday, November 15, 2012

DIY tree branch Christmas tree

We love taking walks in the nearby woods. My boys enjoy collecting leaves, moss and all the other treasures that can be found there. I had the idea of making a Christmas tree out of branches. Many trips to the woods and a bunch of nails later it was done. Well, kind of. We might add lights and some more ornaments later.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pinspired: Rain cloud craft

Today was a rainy and gloomy day. Makes for the perfect crafty afternoon. I wish I could write that the boys helped me with this project but they were way too busy making fishing lures out of paper ;)  ... So mine is Mama made but it would be a great project to do with the kiddos. Here is the pin that inspired me:

And here is mine:

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Chevron love

I am a little addicted to those zic zac lines :). You can find plenty Chevron patterns in my house and lately they have been sneaking into my closet as well. When I ordered something from Ruche a while ago, I just had to add this one to my shopping bag as well. Now it is only waiting for the right occasion to be taken out ;)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pinspired: Book Page Candle

I stumbled upon this awesome Blog post while I was looking for more Book Page related craft  ideas on Pinterest. I have tons of  jars laying around the house so this was a quick and easy project to do. I glued the book page (yes, it's Alice again :)) on the outside of the jar instead the inside though, because that seemed safer to me.

Cute, isn't it?

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Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY Anthropologie inspired (Alice in Wonderland) ornaments

I love Anthropologie. But who shopped there before knows that their prices are everything but lovely ;)
Last year, they had these adorable book page covered ornaments:

 Super cute, isn't it? I decided this can't be hard to make myself and gathered my supplies:

Yes, that is pretty much all you need. A book (I chose my all time favorite story "Alice im Wunderland"), a paper cutter, an ornament and Mod Podge. I also found a little deer figurine that is not pictured here.
Cut the page into several thin strips and simply use the Mod Podge to glue them on your ornament. I coatet the whole thing with Mod Podge afterwards for extra shine.

Now off to raid my sons' toy box for a Rhino figurine ;)

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Black, white and wood. Living room reveal.

When we first moved in the house we are currently renting, I wished the Landlord had agreed on me painting all the dated wooden ceilings and trims white. Since he did not however, I decided to embrace the wood as much as possible and work with what I have :)

Here is what the living/dining room looked like before:

We painted the walls a very light shade of grey.
I decided to add black and white accents to compliment the wood.
I found an awesome b&w striped rug for only Euro 20 at a local store.

Gallery corner wall with mismatched frames:

Antique wooden secretary desk and photos:

DIY vintage suitcase side table:

Discounter steal:  Silhouette clock for Euro 5 (!).  Free printables I found here and here, simply hung on a twine string:

Rhino bookends: Urban Outfitters. Curtains: IKEA

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