Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinspired: antique nightstand that was suppposed to become a dog bed and ended up being a storage cubby

Okay, here's what happened: I was looking around on Pinterest when I found this awesome tutorial on how to transform an old nightstand into a pet bed. I absolutely loved the idea and decided to make one for my little IG, Hazel. I still had this nightstand sitting around that we're not using, so I thought it would be perfect for the project:
When I was done, I realized that as cute as it might look, Miss Hazel rather sticks to hanging out on the couch or sneaking into our bed at night. So I needed another use for it. I decided that it would look awesome in Noah's room. He just started first grade and we got him a new IKEA desk, which is very simple and small enough not to clutter up his room. It has no storage though, for books, utensils and whatsoever, so a storage cubby would be great. The perfect job for my transformed nightstand. And here is what it looks like: