Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Christmas ornaments part two

Soooo ... 6 days until Christmas Eve and the tree is coming along quite nicely. I wrote about our little ornament challenge here and we have been making lots of different ornaments sine then. We still need to get some lights but even without them I like the look already ... fits right in with our living room style :)

DIY chalk antler ornament:

I used a little wooden plaque that I had leftover from a different project and painted it with the home made chalk paint I had leftover from the chalk initial ornaments. Just hot-glued a twine string to the back and ... tada ... all done!

Spray painted lace ornament (I used a crocheted doily I had laying around):

Fabric covered ornament (I got the idea from this cool pin):

Book page ornament (I copy cat'ed this pin):

And last but not least these two pretties. The little peacock feather was a donation from my six year old :)


  1. the tree looks great- and I love all the ornaments. I'm no good at sticking with a color pallete at Christmas time- I want to but I can't.

    1. Thanks so much Emmy! The black/white/ natural theme made it pretty easy :)

  2. I am loving all of your diy ornaments!! So creative... I must try some of these next year!!