Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring outfits the second ...

It is the middle of March and still cold in Germany. It even snowed today. That does not keep me from preparing for Spring though , so I put together a few outfits that will - hopefully- be ale to make their debut very soon :)

I chose to buy pieces that I can combine in different ways. The basic pieces are mainly from Boden and Anthropologie, two of my favorite places to shop.

Here we go:

Those cropped jeans from Anthro are both comfy and stylish and perfect for Spring. Get them here.

I combined those with a cute grey top from Boden and the beautiful Metallic Borders cardigan in ivory by Anthro.

I completed the look with some cute lace Toms in silver   and jewelery from Antro and Ruche

I also gt these pieces to combine: 

Straight legged jeans from Boden, get it here.

 Boden shirt, order it here.

Boden ballerina wedges, get them here.

And more Anthro jewelery ;)

Anthro diadem rose posts in pink, get them here.

Anthro golden totem bracelet set, order it here.

Last but not least, I found this gorgeous top and those cute flats that will look perfect combined with the Anthro cropped Jeans and the pops of coral colored jewelry :)

Colorpom tank by Anthropologie, buy it here.

Citizen D'Orsay's flats. Get them here.

Not really clothing related, but I finally got myself the bike of my dreams :) It's a beach cruiser style bicycle made by "Electra" and I am anxiously waiting to take her for a ride once it warms up. Isn't she pretty??


  1. you are the sweetest most precious person I have met.. like out of a movie with your perfect style, kids, home , bike etc.. love you

    1. Awe, thanks s much my friend!! You are a huge inspiration!! I love you too!